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Monday, November 30, 2015

The United States Financial Crisis Controlling Spending.

Posted by Ken on 28. December 2010 23:06

In the United States of America it is the Congress of the United States that is responsible for all spending bills and taxing bills. Because the original writers of the constitution desired that these people would be responsible to the people for the term they serve which is 2 years. In other words they could be thrown out rather quickly. If the debt is too high, the spending too much; unfortunately the current climate is that the President is usually the one that is blamed. This mindset has not been directly refudiated by the powers in charge as anyone knows if the criticism can be placed on the other person it leaves room for them to look better. Although this might work in a classroom or when dealing with matters that concern no others, it is not something that a country and those that would lead the country should practice. After all this leads to division by intent to be in charge - the left hand doing what it should not be doing. Yes it goes both ways but that still does not correct the problem given that this causes division, just because blame can be made to go around does not mean that the detrimental effect of finding fault with another rather than doing what is expedient for one to do - their job responsibilities. This divisive activity defeats the purpose of the reason why they are there in the first place and is simply a power grab tactic to try to put in charge the people one party or another feels should be in charge. 

Because many spending items were inserted into the laws and still can be at the time of this writing, even in a good law a bridge to nowhere might have been included adding spending that otherwise would not be spent. To tackle this issue one person suggested a line item veto for the President so that he could simply cast his votes in favor of what he wanted and against what he did not. This sounds good on paper but would void one of the key elements of the constitution separation of powers and place a lot of power into the hands of the President.

An alternative approach to this would be to give the congress a line item vote on tax and spending bills, everything that money is being spent on must be submitted as line items to the bill and each item receives either an up or down vote. The power remains in the House of Representatives and also holds individuals accountable for their votes. The age old answer of well I voted for that bill because 60% was good would become fruitless - no excuses, or one item was so important I could not wait to get a better bill flies down the same heap.

By Constitutional Amendment - Require congress to have a Line Item Vote on all Tax and Spending Bills! Each item that money is spent or something is taxed must be voted on individually.

If you are in agreement with this - you can write your representative copy and paste the text. Visit to write to your representative.

When you visit the site simply look to the top of the page and either on the left or on the center you can search for your representative. If you do not know their name use the Zip + 4 on the left, if you know their name they are listed A to Z in the dropdown in the top center of the page. See picture below for the outlines in red.


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